Mohawk Valley Forest Resiliency

The Mohawk Valley Forest Resiliency project aims to restore 762 acres of mixed conifer forest along the Middle Fork Feather river to an improved state of ecosystem health through hand thinning and prescribed fire.

These activities aim to control insect and disease infestation and the reduction of hazardous fuels in a wildland urban interface (WUI). Other forest health related goals include: the re-introduction of fire as an ecological process; the restoration of mixed conifer forest understory and wildlife habitat; and the improvement of water quality and soil productivity.

The project was planned collaboratively with the Beckwourth Ranger District of the Plumas National Forest, the Plumas Eureka Community Services District (PECSD) and Plumas Eureka State Park, which is coordinating an adjacent project that would bolster this project’s success. Project Implementation will improve forest resilience by addressing undesirable ecological conditions that could lead to or exacerbate a wildfire event.

The Mohawk Valley Wildfire Resilience Projects represents a piece of a larger strategy for addressing fuels concerns in Eastern Plumas County. Forest conditions in these units remain a valid concern for land managers in regards to wildfire protection. ​